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If Disney Princesses Were Twisted Badasses

Artist Jeftoon01 started a project where he took the princesses and fairies from famous Disney films and - to contrast their normal happy and harmless demeanor - turned them into murderous, vengeance-driven, dark badasses.

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If Twitch Plays Pokemon Were a Cartoon

Remember the original Twitch Plays Pokemon. We do. We can never forget, no matter how hard we try.

Anyways, Youtuber lightsen imagines what it would be like if the original TPP were an animated show - and it involves a lot of confused NPCs and ramming into walls for no reason. As expected.


The 10 Best ‘Attack on Titan’ Theme Parodies

The original theme song to Attack on Titan (check it out here) is pretty much perfect - and, best of all, it’s adaptable enough that it goes with pretty much ANYTHING - and makes everything 100x more epic.

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